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Victims Speak Out: The Dark Reality of Sextortion

Sextortion Victim

Sextortion is a growing form of online blackmail where a perpetrator coerces victims into providing sexual images or videos, then threatens to share that content publicly if the victim doesn’t meet their demands, which often involve sending money or more explicit material. This manipulative crime leaves many victims feeling trapped, humiliated, and traumatized.

In a brave and powerful post, several survivors of sextortion have come forward to share their harrowing stories. By speaking out about their experiences, they aim to raise awareness of this often hidden crime, help other victims realize they are not alone, and encourage people to seek support. While each story is unique, they all highlight the devastating impact sextortion can have and the importance of holding perpetrators accountable.

Sextortion thrives in silence and shame, so sharing these personal accounts is an important step in bringing this abuse to light.


1. "Plain and simple. I was in a dark spot mentally. I was weak. I was not myself. I spent hundred of dollars on a dating site that led to me being sextorted. Fast forward….I was sextorted after a video call. My heart literally sunk the moment I found out what was happening. Personally I have been through worse situations in my life so this seemed fairly simple to handle. There was no reason to believe they would stop the leak regardless of payment… I opted to not pay. I went radio silent immediately. I was fortunate to find an app that blocked all spam. I disabled my FB for a full week. I changed all my IG details and photo. I was stupid ti give them my real number. I think what really helped me was that I had used a “burner” email address. I immediately deleted that email as well. 3 months later nothing leaked and I can promise y’all I will never put myself in that situation again."


2. "I just wanted to share my story because when it 1st happened to me reading the stories on here helped a bit. I started talking to a profile on a kik I got from a dating site then moved to whatsapp where we exchanges nudes. We followed each other on instagram and that’s how they got to my followers and Facebook friends. The scammer threatened to dm them the pics, I was terrified and a little buzzed so I sent $500. They deleted the pics but then demanded more because they had them on a different device. I couldn’t send more due to protection either from my bank or the apps (thank god) so they wanted a gift card the next day. I did everything wrong- sent $ and talked shit to them the next day when I was more clear headed. They said they were going to send them out when I refused to get the gift card. It’s now been a month with no leak. The blackmailer got my phone # through whatsapp and There was a couple weird text messages the day or 2 after the deadline but nothing since. It’s still on my mind- I’m worried that it’ll pop up but the social media sites do have protection against this very thing! I’ve deleted my whatsapp and kik since I never used them anyway."


3. "Was dumb and sexting through Reddit, gave my phone number and they got full nudes with my face in them. They sent a threat through their number and had screenshots of my social media accounts with my family and followers. I called the police and with their advice deleted all social media and blocked them. I haven’t heard anything for about a day (this happened yesterday about the same time), I’m just scared because they know my followers and could send things to them. Nobody has said anything so far and I haven’t seen any posts or anything come up form Google."


4. "I just got recently sextorted, started with reddit, and then we moved on to instagram and snapchat.

I should not that 3 things I did, make me the dumbest person alive on the planet earth.

So at first, when we went on snapchat she asked me to show myself. And I showed her an old pic I took in a city. Then, she asked me a picture of me at the moment, so I sent her that too………

Then we started trading nudes and woallah, she sent me a huge text threatening me with some hackers, threatening to send my nudes and texts to my family members, and friends. She required that I should have cooperated. She sent me absolutely every video, she took it with another phone, my follower list on instagram, my messages in live how I was sending to her, my private videos, and she asked me to download telegram and send a text to some username.

I got scared to death, I started panicking. She gave me 3 minutes and I stalled it as much as I could. I blocked her on instagram, and on snapchat. I deactivated my both instagram and snapchat accounts.

But my 3rd fatal mistake was that I didn’t keep evidence. I didn’t take a single screenshot.

She is in another country and informing my local police won’t help this case I think.

I am scared to death because I am a very known person at my uni, and also the armed forces academy of my country."


5. "So I’m writing this full of anxiety and stress after going back-and-forth with this person for the past couple hours. Like many of you I’ve seen on this sub. I also fell for a scam with some girl pretending to play sexy game with me. Just somebody who randomly added me on Instagram and was talking like an actual person so I thought they were being for real and in a moment of weakness, I Ended up sending photos which I’ve never done before. I feel so damn stupid. I was just bored and ’ve been beating my self up about this and I’m scared of what’s going to happen.

I ended up sending money to them about 200 bucks and they said theyd delete my group chat they’d had added some of my family too. They kept asking for more after I had sent the first payment and saying they’d delete the photos once I sent another 200. They were saying don’t play with them theyll send it to everyone in my friend list. I told them I didn’t have any more but they were trying to put me on some sort pay later thing which was crazy. They then asked me for my Snapchat or my iMessage number, but I was not going to give them anymore ways of contacting me.

They ended up getting 250 dollars from me but I freaked out with having to give them more access to me. I deleted my Facebook and made my IG account private and blocked them after they requested me to make a Snapchat to talk with them though. This whole thing is traumatizing and I’m worried if I did the right thing. I’m legit worried about if they’ll still trying to find a way to get me. I saw people saying file a police report but I deleted the IG chat out of fear when I blocked the account so idk what else there is to do."


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