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Beware of the ‘Find My iPhone’ Scam

find my iphone scam

In a recent incident reported on Reddit, a user shared their experience with a suspicious individual who knocked on their door claiming that his stolen iPhone was showing up at their residence using the “Find My iPhone” app. The stranger, who arrived in a car with at least two other people, approached the house with a backpack and asked if the homeowner had children, potentially attempting to gather information or gain access to the property.

The homeowner, wisely using a security door to communicate with the stranger, denied having the phone and suggested calling the police. When the stranger questioned this decision, the homeowner remained firm, prompting the individual to leave without approaching any neighboring houses.

A random stranger came to the door today around 7:40pm. I talked to him with the security door closed. The guy said that his iPhone was stolen and it was showing up at our house on his find my iPhone app. We definitely did not steal any iPhone or have any way that his phone would have ended up in our stuff. He asked if we have kids, and I told him that’s wrong and told him to call the police. The guy asked me do I want to go to that step, I said yes, and he left after that. Didn’t stop at any neighbors homes near us either.

Checked the playback on our camera, he got off from the car from the back seat, a woman was sitting on passenger side, so I think there are at least 3 people in the car! He got off the car with a backpack, when he got close to our door, he put the backpack on the ground and rang our bell. But he did step back a little after he rang the bell.

What’s the Real Motive?

This encounter raises several red flags and questions about the stranger’s true intentions:

  1. Home Invasion Setup: The presence of multiple people in the car suggests potential coordination for a more aggressive scam, such as a home invasion.
  2. Scoping Out Homes: The request to enter the home could be a tactic to gain access and scout for valuable items, planning a future burglary.
  3. Testing Vulnerability: The stranger’s reaction to the suggestion of calling the police might indicate a test of the homeowner’s response and alertness.

Key Takeaways to Protect Yourself:

  • Do Not Let Strangers In: Under no circumstances should you allow a stranger into your home to search for a lost or stolen item.
  • Suggest Calling the Police: If the request seems legitimate, proposing to call the police is a safe course of action. Genuine victims will appreciate the involvement of law enforcement.
  • Trust Your Instincts: If something feels off, it probably is. Don’t hesitate to suggest involving law enforcement. Scammers often retreat when faced with the prospect of police involvement.
  • Monitor Your Property: After such encounters, keep an eye on your property for any unusual activity and ensure all entry points are secure.
  • Report Suspicious Activity: Contact local authorities to report the incident, providing them with as much detail as possible, including descriptions and security footage.
  • Inform Neighbors and Community: Sharing such incidents with your neighbors can raise collective awareness and preparedness, making the entire neighborhood a less appealing target for scammers.

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  1. Steve Gibbs Avatar
    Steve Gibbs

    Csll 911 even if he leaves give them a car description. They need to be pulled over and identified

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